How to Earn Money Online From Home


Whether you’re looking to start a new career or just earn a few dollars on the side, the age of the internet has an enormous range of opportunities available. Yet, despite the possibilities of the internet’s reach and its flexibility, many of us are remain unsure as to what potential this connecting technology represents.

With that in mind, we want to cover some of the best and easiest ways our readers might start earning in the online sphere.

Going Traditional

When earning money online, you don’t necessarily have to rely on a tech-focused job. Instead, it is easily possible to  earn money from your hobby by reaching out to online customers, as several online success stories have proven over the years. Baking and cooking are a common pursuit in this regard and one which is aided heavily by social media.

Facebook, for example, will almost always have dedicated pages and groups for your local region. Advertising your skills on these pages can help you build a solid online reputation, and all without having to spend a dime on advertising. Likewise, Instagram can be a very useful tool in showing off your creations to the world.

Many traditional hobbies, when given the right approach, can operate similarly. Sewing, photography, dressmaking, painting, writing and even makeup services can all work through online connections, and with a little additional effort.

Fully Online

If you offer work which more directly translates into the online world, then rest assured that there is a wide range of websites that cater to finding work. While the aforementioned social media elements can play a large part here, for more distant tasks, it’s best to turn to a more global option.


For a start, consider building a LinkedIn profile as a basis for your resume. This is an enormous resource for online workers and employers that can be indispensable in building a professional network. In terms of searching directly for a job, you can check out websites like Upwork for international connections, or perform Google searches to find more local services.

So, what jobs can you do online?

The most obvious answers involve programming and website design, but this is only the start. There is an enormous call for any form of digital work over the internet, and this can extend from visual to musical design, as well as the written word. On top of this, there are jobs for digital assistants, translators, social media managers, and call-center representatives, just to name a few.

Starting Slow

If you have never worked remotely before, it can be a good idea to take a few smaller jobs first, just so you can adapt to the challenges this new form of work involves. Taking commissions without direct person-to-person communication can lead to situations of misunderstanding, especially if you deal with international clients, so experience on this front can be a lifesaver.

You’ll also need to remember that, just like with more traditional jobs, there will be some people out there who will try to take advantage of you. Always take payment upfront, and be careful to vet offers which seem as if they might be too good to be true.

Keep in mind that the first steps are always the most challenging and that once you have your foot in the door, a new world of opportunities can open themselves to you.

Avoid Making These 10 Investment Mistakes


Making sound investment decisions doesn’t always come easy. It’s not surprising to find out that most people are more likely to make common investment mistakes at the beginning of their journey towards wealth.  

The good news is that there is a lot more information available nowadays to help investors make the best decisions. If you’re keen to build a solid nest egg for yourself as an investor, you need to make sure that you avoid making these 10 investment mistakes: 

Bringing emotions into decision-making – While there no denying that there is an emotional component involved in investment, it’s key to remember that decision-making shouldn’t be based on emotions. Being emotional leads to biases, which ultimately lead to inconsistent patterns of behaviour. Investment involves number crunching, combined with a good deal of human reasoning, but more importantly, it’s about having a clear plan and sticking to it. 

Being impatient – Any investor can tell you that one of the most important traits required when going down this path is patience. As an investor, you need to fully use the investment manager’s strategy, while also focusing on quality investment. Being impatient won’t help in any way. 

Relying on past returns too much – Before making a decision on a particular fund, ensure that you consider its performance in good and bad years. It’s always better to have excellent risk management controls in place. 

Investing without a plan – This is one of the most common mistakes. You need to be clear about how much you have to invest and what your risk tolerance is before committing to anything. 

Not cutting your losses – If an investment’s lost its value, you need to be able to move on. 

Taking recommendations from people you know may seem like a good idea, but it’s better to consider a range of factors and statistics. Not re-entering the market at the right time can also prove to be costly, along with an unwillingness to ask for help or not informing yourself of options that exist. 

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a basic mistake, as investment professionals will always advise you to diversify. 

Take the steps towards learning more about investing and consult with financial advisors before investing. 

How To Apply For A Wonga Loan in 5 Easy Steps


The process of how to apply for a Wonga Loan in 5 easy steps is relatively simple once you consider how tedious the loan application process used to be not so long ago. In the not-too-distant past, applying for finance mean that you had to visit your bank and do your best to impress the bank manager.  

The last past hasn’t changed so much, minus the bank manager part. Applying for a loan means that you do have to prove that you will be able to afford to repay it on time and in full. The major difference nowadays is that the internet has simplified everything. You can apply by uploading a few documents online. 

Another benefit of having access to online applications is that there are various financial institutions from which you can choose.  

Wonga is a leading registered financial services provider that offers loan solutions of up to R8000 for qualifying individuals. 

Choosing Wonga typically means that you have a flexible loan solution, with no hidden charges. A responsible lender, Wonga Loans offers payday loans, so repayments are expected within a 30 day period.  

This lender gives you the freedom to be able to choose a date of repayment. You will then have to ensure that you have enough funds available in your account for the debit order repayment to be processed. 

Before applying, you can visit the Wonga website and use the handy sliders to work out the loan amount you need and for how long you’ll need it for. Wonga will give you the costs involved upfront – the process is completely transparent. 

How to apply for a Wonga Loan in 5 easy steps: 

  • Visit the Wonga website here:  
  • Create an account and login 
  • Select the loan amount you’d like to apply for and read the terms and conditions in full. 
  • Upload the required documents. You’ll need to provide a valid cellphone number, your South African ID, bank account details as well as your most recent proof of income. 
  • Consent to the agreement.  

If you are approved, the loan amount will be paid directly into your bank account. 

Top 10 Social Media Platforms


1. Facebook
With approximately 1.59 billion users Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Users prefer Facebook for its interactive qualities and ability to network with family and friends. Businesses can also use Facebook to market their brands, products and services. Its unique feature includes video sharing, picture sharing and the recently added reaction button.

2. Twitter
With an approximate of 320 million users twitter i popular for short messages that are limited to 140 characters. Users are able to interact and resent the tweets they find interesting. It also allows businesses to advertise and promote their products and services.

3. WhatsApp
With almost 1 billion users this social media platform was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It allows users to send direct messages of any size to their family and friends. It is interactive as it allows users to send voice notes ,make voice calls ,video calls and send pictures and videos

4. Instagram
With around 400 million users it was firstly established for users who enjoy sharing pictures and videos. Instagram also has private messages that allows users to comment and reply on each other’s photos.

5. Google+
With a base of approximately 300 million people google+ allows its users to stay in touch and share videos, audios and pictures. It also allows private instant messaging and supports video conferencing.

6. Skype
It mostly has video calling and messaging features. Users and businesses can use skype for group video conferencing. The calls are free and accessible anywhere in the world.

7. LinkedIn
This professional social network is ideal for users who want to connect with other professionals in order to advance their careers/. Users update their experience and personal information so that they can attract potential employers. Businesses also use it to look for potential employees.

8. YouTube
This is a video sharing and viewing platform. Users can use YouTube to search for any topic that they are interested in and learn about it. Businesses use YouTube to advertise their products and appeal to their customers.

9. Pinterest
Popular for sharing visual content this is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Users post and share their pictures and pin any interesting topics to their profiles. Businesses can market their products and users can use the buy button to purchase any product of their choice.

10. Snapchat
The social media platform thrives on instant messaging. It is most popular for self-destructive messages that can disappear as soon as the friend has viewed it also allows users to share pictures publicly when they want to.

South Africa’s GDP in 2019


GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product and it measures output and income for a country’s economy. Gross domestic Product is equals to total expenditure for all final goods and services produced in a country within a stipulated period of time. South Africa’s GDP is measured by production and expenditure. There are two methods to measure the GDP of a country namely the production method and the expenditure method. The production method measures the total value of all good and services produced. The expenditure method measures total spending that has taken place in the economy.  

The national treasury revised down South Africa’s GDP to 1.5% in the first quarter of 2019. This has been a result of slow improvement in production and unemployment. The drop in the GDP has also been a result of weaker investment outcomes in 2018. The current GDP for South Africa stands at $385.526 billion. The world bank reckons the lack of certainty when it comes to policy as a contributing factor to the huge drop in the South African GDP. Economist forecast that the GDP of South Africa will rise to $390.00 billion by the end of this quarter. This positive forecast can cultivate a positive investor confidence and improve the economy. Agriculture, mining and manufacturing are the biggest contributors to South Africa’s GDP. The widespread corruption in State owned companies such as Eskom and many other have contributed severely to South African’s GDP. This has resulted in the drop in investor confidence and increase in inflation and unemployedaround South Africans. Most businesses have suffered immensely as a result of poor trade relationships with other countries.  

How Will Eskom’s Price Hike Have A Negative Effect On The Consumer


The increase in electricity prices will l negatively affect most South African consumers. The rise might cause a boost in in the inflation rate which will also increase interest rates. The increase interest rates will affect the living conditions of consumers and cause them to spend money that they do not have. Most consumers might fail to pay for their electricity resulting in bad debts, blacklisting and power cuts. This could impact the quality of life for most consumers as they have to find alternatives to electricity. Some companies might end up retrenching to cut cost imposed by these high electricity prices. Most South African consumers will experience a decrease in the disposable income which will force them to sink further into debt and povertyIndustries such as the mining and agricultural sectors will be adversely affected as they rely heavily on electricity to survive. They might end shutting parts of their businesses to cut down cost and cover up for the expense of electricity. Prices of basic commodities will then increase and the standard of life will decrease.   

Price hikes of power will also have an impact om energy reliant industry. Industries such as the dairy production, poultry and grains use electricity for their day to day activities. Food prices will increase and unemployed people and those living in poverty will find it hard to survive. This increase will also decrease morale and change consumer behavior. People will not buy as they used to as they try to cover up for the cost of electricity. The blackouts will also affect the education sector as most children will not be able to study extra at home. Fires and danger will also be on the hike as alternatives are highly dangerous. For example, gas can be a danger to the livelihood of people.  

How To Save For Retirement


Retirement packages provide security and a fall back when you are unable to work. The package is essential when citizens reach an age that they have to stop working and live at home. Most people should ideally start saving the moment they start working to avoid increased monthly savings which will put pressure on their finances. People can contribute differently according to the discipline that they have. Some can do automatic contributionsThese are deducted from your account before the money gets to you. They are effective as they allow you to save before you spend your money. Employers can directly deposit to multiple accounts or they can set their accounts to deduct automatically.  

The more you save the more you are likely to maintain your lifestyle when you retire. Employees must be able to save at least 70% of their salary by the time they retire so that they do not face changes in their lifestyle. In order to contribute more employees can cut down some unnecessary expenses and increase their monthly contributions. Other way of increase these contributions is finding a side job as a freelancer after work hours. This could increase your income and also increase your investments.  

Employees are required to save at least 10 % of their income in order to live comfortably after retirement age. Employees can also increase their contributions annually in order to curb inflation and increase their savings. Employees can also invest in investment portfolios which can earn interest on their retirement packages. The earlier that you start investing in your retirement packages the better. Employees must not cash out on their savings as they might be able to pay back the money. The more that employees save the more they are likely to have by the time they retire.  

South Africa’s Biggest PowerBall Lottery Winner


Winning the PowerBall lottery would be a dream come true for most people. Having access to as much money as you need to meet all your needs would be ideal for numerous people.

The Powerball lottery has made this a reality for a number of people.

The story of South Africa’s biggest PowerBall lottery winner is not so unusual from the numerous stories heard of riches to rags.

Unfortunately, the story of South Africa’s biggest PowerBall lottery winner is like what many would describe as a Hollywood story.

A R102 million fortune was won on the 31st of May 2011 by a young man in his twenties from the Free-State. This was after the jackpot reached a new record after 24 rollovers. His win made him the 28th instant millionaire created by PowerBall.

At the time he nearly threw his ticket away. Returning to the petrol station where he bought his R10.50 quickpick ticket, he asked the cashier to scan his ticket. The cashier tried to scan the ticket twice with no luck. At this point, he asked the cashier to throw his ticket away.

The cashier tried a third time. The machine then displayed a message that said that the man had to get to the Lotto Office.

In his shocked state, he went to the Lotto office with his winning ticket.

“This money will add substantially to the money that I have been saving towards a better life for myself and would also assist in paying off my debts,” he said at the time.

Three years later, the man appeared in YOU magazine, lamenting how he had lost his fortune. He spoke to the magazine and spoke of how he squandered his money on gambling, alcohol and fast cars.

How to avoid squandering your lottery winnings:

  • Take at least 6 months to decide on a plan going forward.
  • Get professional advice from a certified financial advisor.
  • Keep your life as normal as possible and keep working while you decide on how you want to invest.
  • Pay your debts off.

Free Lotto South Africa


Gambling is popular in South Africa. The most popular form of gambling is through the national lottery. Established in 2000, the South African national Lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Commission.

Over the years Lotto has become the most popular type of gambling in South Africa. The game has made numerous people instant millionaire over the years, transforming their lives forever.

South Africans will be pleased to know that there are many more ways for players to take part in South African lotto games.

Free Lotto South Africa games are made available to players to allow those who are new to the world of online gambling to find their feet before risking any of their own money.

Online services have changed the world in a major way. More people are using the internet for a range of reasons on a daily basis. From banking, to paying bills, investing, saving and transacting, online services have made this simple and more convenient. In addition to this, free Lotto South Africa games are available online.

Online lottery services in South Africa allow players to purchase their tickets easily and conveniently. There are a variety of games that are available for people to play.

An online lottery ticket can also be bought on a mobile device.

Making a payment to purchase a ticket is easy this way. It can be done through a credit card, online banking or using cellphone banking, so players can avoid having to wait in long queues.

With free Lotto South Africa, you can pick your own numbers for your lottery ticket or you can get the computer to randomly select numbers for you.

The digital world we live in has made it much more convenient to access a range of services online.

Ten Cars That Will Come To SA In 2019


1.Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio (QV)- this SUV Version of the Alfa Romeo will impress many adventure lovers. Coming in the first quarter of 2019, it has a 2.9/v6 bi-turbo engine which yields 380kw and has the ability to reach 283 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.  

2.BMW X7 — March 2019. Fresh from its world debut at December’s Los Angeles Auto Show, BMW’s largest and most luxurious SUV will arrive here in two versions: the xDrive30d single-turbo diesel with outputs of 195kW and 620Nm, and the four-turbo M50d diesel with 294kW and 760Nm. 

3.BMW Z4 — first quarter 2019. this luxurious two seaters will see its debut with a cloth roof. it is powered by 250kw/500Nm,3.0 liter, six-cylinder turbo. its top speed is limited to 250km/h. 

4.Ford Ranger Raptor — second quarter 2019. The Raptor features a reinforced chassis supported by completely different front and rear suspension compared to the standard Ranger, with motorsport-derived position-sensitive curbing Fox shocks and extra ground clearance. The beefed-up bakkie also gets uprated brakes, a 150mm wider track, 168mm wider body and much bigger tyres. Grand Cherokee SRT Track hawk — First quarter 2019. The most powerful and quickest Jeep SUV yet, it’s fired along by a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine delivering an astonishing 522kW power and 868Nm torque. This comfortably outpunches mighty SUV rivals such as the BMW X5M / X6M, Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 

6.Jeep Wrangler — first quarter 2019. The all-new Wrangler, now in its fourth generation, retains the legendary 4×4 capabilities and DNA of the iconic original while adding advanced new engines, a host of advanced technology, a more stylish and comfortable cabin, and various top combinations to ensure even more open-air freedom. 

7.Jaguar I-Pace — February. Jaguar’s first electric vehicle will have impressive outputs of 294kW and 696Nm, enough to launch the all-wheel-drive SUV from 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. A single full charge provides a claimed range of up to 470km, which Jaguar says is more than enough to cover the average weekly commute of 300km. Jaguar has set up a fast-charging network around the country that can charge the vehicle from 0 to 80% in about 72 minutes), so that I-Pace owners can also take their vehicles on holiday.   

8.porsche 911 — mid-year. The eighth generation of the iconic rear-engine sports car becomes a little better on both ends of its multitalented scale. It’s an even more relaxed and comfortable commuter, but gets added adrenaline at the sporty end with improved power and traction, which includes a new wet mode that makes the car safer to drive in rainy weather. 

9.Tesla — Sometime in 2019? Elon Musk caused excitement by recently tweeting that his electric Teslas would go on sale in SA in 2019 but revealed no further details, including who the local distributor might be or which models will be offered. Overseas there are three ranges: The Model S luxury sedan, the Model X SUV, and the new Model 3 sedan which is Tesla’s most affordable car with a starting price in the US of $35,000 (R500,000). Musk has been known to jump the gun in his tweets sometimes, so we’re not necessarily holding our breath anticipating his cars here in 2019. 

10.Toyota Supra — first half of 2019. The fourth-generation Supra built from 1993 to 2002 gained near-cult status in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, which is why the new fifth-gen car has created such a stir. After an unusually long teaser campaign, Toyota’s much-anticipated rear-wheel-drive sports car has its official world unveiling at January’s Detroit motor show.