ParcelNinja speeds your e-commerce logistics


E-commerce companies often face challenges of taking charge of their storage and distribution needs; fortunately, there is a Johannesburg start-up that was designed to look at the logistics infrastructure of this challenge.

How it started
The start-up was formed when an online shopping Wantitall decided to control its logistics infrastructure to advance its own service and delivery times.
Justin Drennan, co-founder of the start-up says, “We have been building ParcelNinja for about three years and have been using the technology on our own platforms to ensure it would be ready for the public launch.”

Drennan argued that importing goods from the US has always been a challenge thus the company was obliged to come up with a technique of delivering goods from the US to South Africa.
The startup is a reprieve for small and medium businesses who struggle to get their products to the market, ‘There is no one really focusing on helping small and medium businesses to get products to customers and we wanted to build a warehouse in the cloud, that anyone can make use of,” says Drennan.

Meanwhile, the challenge encouraged Drennan and his colleagues to put together a multi-tenant warehouse that enables any business to amass their stock and, by way of a custom-built backend ordering and management system, let’s ParcelNinja pack and distribute that product on behalf of an e-commerce store.

Apart from the above, ParcelNinja more over shops around for the best courier prices in real time so that e-commerce owners always pay the best rate for delivery.


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