How does Pep money transfer work


Multinational retail company, PEP Stores has an innovative facility that allows its clients to make money transfers within and outside South Africa. Founded in 1965, this giant retailer operates in 11 Southern African countries.

Pep money transfer – In order to make any form of transfer using PEP’s financial facility, clients should carry the following to any PEP store within their reach:

  • A green bar-coded South African ID Book or ID card
  • Your PEPclub card
  • Cell phone number (the one used by the client to register for PEPclub)
  • Friend’s or relative’s cell phone number i.e. the number of the person you wish to send money

While conducting this transaction, the cashier will ask the client how much they need to send. For example, if a client needs to send R500. He must give the cashier R500 and pay a fee of R9.99 which amounts to a total cost of R509.99 for the whole transaction.

Before sending the money to the recipient, the cashier will confirm the details provided by the client in case of errors. If all the details provided are correct, the cashier will hand a receipt to the client. Two SMS will be sent to a client’s phone number via SMS; the two SMS include the withdrawal number and the client’s access code. That access code and withdrawal number should be given to the recipient.

The client should tell the receiver how much money they have sent.

For more information regarding this financial service, PEP can be contacted on 0860 77 77 65.