Pick n Pay small business incubator


Second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa, Pick n Pay is not only a firm bent on selling products to the general public but it has rather stretched its services through accommodating small businesses by lending them money.

The firm’s small business incubator is a department that is designed on helping small business people to become sustainable suppliers to the retail industry. It is through this facility that small businesses entities have found themselves relying Pick n Pay small business incubator for funds to kick start their projects.

The incubator provides mentorship skills in the form of health, safety, hygiene, ethical employment and accounting practices, marketing principles, buying and negotiating techniques and other life skills.

To be part of this innovative incubator, here’s to how you can apply for assistance:

  • Write to Pick n Pay small business incubator telling them about a project that you wish to put forward for consideration. If it’s a company that intends to supply Pick n Pay with products, you have to provide them with a business plan.
  • The first step is download one of the forms, then complete and email to the address found on the Pick n pay website contact us page.
  • The application form is designed for emerging businesses whose thrust is to explore the possibility of supplying PnP with product or services
  • The Ackerman PnP foundation application is for  community based organizations that focus on sustainable job creation or income generation projects

Below are the required criteria for the project and information needed by PnP:

  • It must be commonly based (we cannot fund individuals)
  • It must be a registered Not for Profit organisation
  • The outcome of the project must be income generation or job creation
  • Employees of PnP do not qualify for support from the Foundation
  • In case of emerging suppliers to PnP, it can be a company or co-operative and the product has to comply with set requirements

How is the process done?

  • PnP will conduct a desktop evaluation of the project to evaluate its viability. If the project is notb viable, you’ll be notified
  • If the project meets the required criteria, PnP will arrange a site visit and make a further assesment


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