Platinum Credit Card Corporation, e-commerce leader


Technological advancements have affected both consumers as well as service providers. The advent of e-commerce has fast-tracked businesses and provided alternate purchasing options for consumers. Electronic commerce is often considered the holy grail of retail. This is largely due to a number of transaction factors it eliminates or improves. For example, some of the benefits of e-commerce include, but are not limited to: overcoming geographical limitations, the opportunity to gain new customers with search engine visibility, lower costs, the ability to locate products quicker and the elimination of travel time and cost.

Platinum Credit Card Corporation is a leading e-commerce institution that offers non-tangible products and services which unlock the value in businesses and individual lives (i.e. credit cards.) Its services are offered in 3 categories: Dial 24, Reload and Tele Cash Products.

Dial 24 is an emergency facility that offers medical emergency services and advice. This package further includes legal services and advice; electrical appliance and repair cover. It’s offered at a standard rate of R199 per month.

The Reload package allows clients to purchase prepaid cellular airtime via SMS or to phone and pay later. This comes at a R300 limit. There is also a R200 monthly airtime payment reward if the client has paid the last 3 months. It includes cellphone repair services cover and costs R249 monthly.

Tele Cash Products offer clients R2000 instant cash which is interest free. It’s a 24/7 online and telephonic service where clients are provided with instant approval. At a standard cost of R99 per month, clients are provided with this fast solution to their financial needs.
Contact Platinum Credit Card Corporation on: 0861 100 050.


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