Playing Dungeons and Dragons in Jozi’s Dee Twenty


Finding something to do that is entertaining in Johannesburg isn’t too hard nowadays. Sport buffs have sports bars, music junkies have clubs all over the city and comedy lovers can find comic-relief at comedy clubs and on every other TV show, but what about the gaming geeks? Not the socially-awkward nerds, but those geeks who enjoy gaming just a bit more than the average person.

But for gaming geeks and for “Noobs” who are likely to get “pwned” by regular gamers, for a long time, they were limited to gaming at home.

But with the new gaming venue opened, more gamers can enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons in Jozi’s Dee Twenty.

What is Dee Twenty?

Dee Twenty is an exclusive geeking venue based in Randburg, Johannesburg. Owned and run by Owen Swart, the space was born three years ago.

Swart says the idea to create a safe space for geeks was inspired by the 90s sitcom, Friends. The name of the venue is derived from a twenty-sided die like the type used in many role-playing and card games.

Open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Dee Twenty has a day dedicated to a specific game.

Swart explains:

“Magic (the gathering) is our bread and butter, we dabble in some board games and card games like Card fight Vanguard, Star Trek TCG. We Star Trek role playing and we also do video games.”

The cover fee is R55.

Gamers also get coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Food is available for sale.

“There’s no need to cluster around living rooms, pubs, coffee-shops, scout halls or other non-geeky places to get your geek on. Now you can go to a place made for geeks, by geeks, to indulge in your gaming, cosplaying, deep-thinking, Internetting, coffee-drinking, or just chilling urges.”



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