Pokémon Go Egg List – What to Expect


To get your hands on the really rare Pokémon, you need to hatch eggs as wandering around aimlessly will lead only to disappointment.

Eggs are available from PokeStops and these are depicted on the app’s map as blue cubes. When you get close enough to PokeStops the cube becomes a circle and will become animated for the eggs to become released.

Eggs may also be awarded to you when you level up. Unfortunately there’s no guaranteeing which eggs will appear and your level plays little role in whether you get a 2km or a 10km egg.

To hatch an egg you have to walk. Go to your Pokédex and select the egg tab on the top right-hand side to see how far you need to walk in order to hatch each egg.

The eggs need to be placed in an incubator. Incubators can be bought or collected from PokeStops. They can also be awarded to you when you level up. Every player is given an incubator by default and this can be used an infinite number of times. While the extra incubators can only be used three times before they break.

Select an egg, click ‘Start incubation’. Any incubators that are greyed out are already in use. Once an egg is in an incubator, every kilometre you walk will add towards the total needed to hatch eggs. The distance needed for each egg appears beneath them.

As the Pokémon Go app will only register distance walked while the app is open, this can drain phone battery. To combat this problem, Niantic introduced a battery saving mode in the settings menu. Select it and the screen will black out when the phone is being held by a player’s side or in their pockets.

After walking a required distance once an egg is ready to hatch it will appear on the screen with the word ‘Oh?’ written above it. Tap the egg to watch it hatch and reveal a Pokémon along with a generous smattering of stardust and candies. The Pokémon will then be added to your Pokédex if you don’t already have it.

2km eggs will reveal the 2km Pokémon. However, 5km eggs can contain either 5km as well as 2km Pokémon’s, while 10km eggs can contain from the 2km, 5km and 10km Pokémon’s.


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