Pokémon Go Gyms and Why They are Important


One of the functions and most noted features in Pokémon Go are the gyms. And they’re important aspects of the game as they’ll help you improve your skills and become a Pokémon master.

Pokémon GO gyms can be identified as giant towers that usually have a Pokémon on top. They’re specialised locations in the game that can be held by any one of the three teams. And you can identify if it’s the red, yellow, or blue team that’s holding the gym based on the color and emblem on top of the tower.

With the gyms it’s all about preparing for battle! As after you’ve caught your Pokémon and leveled it up, you need to take it to a gym to train it. And get it combat ready to perform in a battle against other players within the game, especially where most of the battles happen at the gym. Each Pokémon gym will also have a certain amount of prestige and a level, and it’s important to be moving up in levels in this game.

Training hard in friendly gyms and battling in gyms will also allow you to be rewarded with experience points (XP) for your victories only and not losses. And in the long run this will assist you in the game. As being a higher level player has a huge advantage when it comes to capturing, evolving and powering up your Pokémon.

The teams are an important part. And as a user you get to choose and join one of three global teams Instinct, Mystic or Valor and battle for territory for your specific team.

The team that’s holding the gym will leave a high-level Pokémon there. Your objective is to battle there if it’s your enemy team that’s holding that tower. Each time you successfully fight, own, or defend a gym, you earn PokéCoins.


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