Pokémon Go South Africa Launch Date


No official release date has been announced regarding the launch of Pokémon Go in South Africa (SA).

Pokémon Go is a fee app that’s Nintendo’s new smash hit. It follows the basic premise of Pokémon, a Japanese videogame and anime series where adventurers travel the world seeking Pokémon. These are “pocket monsters” in Japanese to train and battle with each other.

Who knew having people run around in real life in their neighbourhood in search of Pokémon beasts (virtual characters). That pop-up as if in real life on their phone would cause so much frenzy and anticipation especially where it hasn’t officially launched yet in SA.

As reported in various news media outlets. The roll out of the new smartphone “Pokémon” game has since been ‘paused’ as a result of players overloading the system. Pokémon Go’s developers decided to pause the roll out for the game until they know exactly what they need in the way of new infrastructure.

But a confirmed launch date or not, that has not left South Africans waiting around idly or twiddling their thumbs. There’s definitely not so much a case of FOMO (Feeling Of Missing Out) as many have figured out how to download the digital sensation in the country.


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