Pokémon Go Teams and What You Should Choose


Do you like the colour Red, Yellow or Blue as each of these colours are representative of the three Pokémon teams you can choose to play for. Although choosing which team to play for may just be a little bit more technical than deciding which of these three colours are your favourite.

Team Valor is Red while the Mystic team is Blue and Yellow is for the Instinct team. The teams are an important part of the Pokémon Go game. And as a user you get to choose and join one of these three global teams to battle for territory for your specific team.

Proving there’s more to Pokémon Go than just a simple, pleasant game about catching Pokémon in the real world. The teams are very competitive with each other and players join them once they’re strong enough for battle as a Pokémon trainer. And this usually happens once a player reaches level 5 in the game.

When you’re battling another gym, you do so on behalf of your team. And it’s all a part of the game to earn experience points (XP), move up in levels, earn PokéCoins and so forth. And once you’ve selected a team there’s no going back, therefore think long and hard for who you want to battle for.

Here’s a breakdown of what each team stands for to figure out which team you’d join.

Team Instinct is all about trusting your gut, hence the name of the team. Spark is the leader of team and the team’s mascot is the legendary bird Zapdos.

If you feel you want to battle and hang with the cool gang, can keep it calm like the colour blue. And you’re interested in the science behind what makes Pokémon tick then team Mystic is for you. Team Mystic mascot is represented by the icy legendary Articuno and Blanche, the brainiest of the bunch is in charge of the team.

And there’s team Valor, which is very much in line with what Pokémon trainers have been taught from the get-go. To be the very best Pokémon master, you’ve got to train for it. And it’s for players, who like bonding with their Pokémon to tap into their strengths. Candela is the head of this team, and she’s got spunk for days and the fire bird legendary Moltres is the team’s mascot.


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