Pokémon Sun and Moon Starter Tips


Pokémon Sun and Moon is the seventh generation of Pokémon games that is set to launch on Nintendo in November 2016. Since initial release in 1996, the Pokémon brand has grown in leaps and bounds, while attracting more gaming lovers.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is set to be launched in celebration of Pokémon’s 20 year anniversary.

This follows a successful TV series, movies, trading cards as well as the highly successful augmented reality game Pokémon Go.

The game is set to be based in the Alola Region, where there are numerous new Pokémon.

With improved graphical mechanics and trainer customisation, Pokémon Sun and Moon is set to be available in Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean. It’ll also be compatible with Pokémon Bank, an online Pokémon storage system.

55 new Pokémon have been confirmed, while Pokémon caught in the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow will be transferrable to Sun and Moon.

Picking a starter may be one of the most important decisions a trainer makes. When playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’ll want to pick the best one with the best abilities.

Starter Pokémon available on Pokémon Sun and Moon:


If you choose this as your Pokémon Sun and Moon starter, you can use its ability to overgrow. Rowlet, a grass Pokémon, can attack with powerful kicks and it uses razor-sharp leaves. It can spin its head almost 180 degrees and can attack without making a sound.


Litten is a fire cat Pokémon that attacks in the form of flaming hairballs. Described as logical, but also passionate, it also sheds its fur in a blaze.


This Sea Lion Pokémon’s best feature is speed. As a water Pokémon, Popplio can snort balloons made out of water as a form of attack.


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