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policy trader

Are you in need of instant cash? If so, you can access it sooner if you have what it takes to qualify for a financial facility of your choice. It’s very disappointing let alone frustrating to realize that even though you have a policy, the cash value that you need is limited and not at your disposal? It will be such a blow to be turned away by the life company that you relied upon if you don’t have a solution.

You can get rid of the above by using Policy Trader, an institution that buys restricted policies, thereby giving you the prospect to upsurge your cash flow at a better rate than what you would possibly get over another channel and financial institution.

Worth noting is that under current legislation, retirement annuities cannot be ceded thus they cannot be sold.

What is a restricted policy?
It is important for consumers to furnish themselves with policies before they engage into them. Most people often cry foul when they associate themselves with policies which are not user friendly to them. The first thing any potential customer should do is to understand a policy and its terms before subscribing to it. As such, a restricted policy, as deemed by current legislation, is one from which no further lump sum cash advancements or surrenders can be made until the end of the restriction period (usually 5 years from inception).

It is in line with the above that a Policy Trader can assist you to immediately turn your restricted policy into cash, so you don’t have to wait until the maturity date.

How you receive cash
Through Policy Trader’s easy steps consumers can turn their restricted policy into cash when they need it most, and at a better value than many of the alternative options.


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