What Are Prepaid Electricity Rates?

prepaid electricity rates

Prepaid electricity has become very convenient way of handling your monthly electricity bill, as it offers convenience, but also the ability for you to keep track of your electricity usage. With prepaid electricity rates being so affordable, more and more homeowners are switching to prepaid electricity meters inside their homes.

Another benefit of prepaid felicity media is the fact that you won’t have too great surprise electricity bills at the end of the month, allowing you to keep track of your spending. Prepaid electricity meters are affordable to install and they offer a great alternative to normal municipality accounts. This is especially helpful for property owners while renting out their homes to tenants, as this removes a lot of headaches when it comes to electricity accounts.

As a tenant, you can also benefit from prepaid electricity meter and you won’t have to wait for the end of the month to get a huge Electricity Board. You can simply load prepaid electricity whenever you need it, never having to worry about receiving double. You can also keep an eye on the amount of electricity you use our and you can reduce your electricity usage in your home accordingly so that you can save money.

By using a prepaid electricity meter landlords don’t have to worry about tenants leaving their electricity account unpaid, and thereby creating more problems for them as a property owner. You won’t have to worry about the municipality guessing how much of usage was for the month, as you can see how many units you use every day with your prepaid meter. You can reload your prepaid electricity meter at any time, any amount of electricity units.

These are the prepaid electricity rates you can expect to pay in the city of Tshwane;

  • 0 – 100kWh       R1.2196 (VAT Excluded)    R1.3903 (VAT included)
  • 101 – 400kWh  R1.4170 (VAT Excluded)    R1.6153 (VAT included)
  • 401 – 650kWh  R1.5460 (VAT Excluded)    R1.7624 (VAT included)


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