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Prime Meridian Roadside Assist

Prime Meridian Roadside Assist

Prime Meridian is one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. One of the services offered by Prime Meridian includes Vehicle insurance. As an added benefit forming part of the company’s Prime Motor Assist product is Prime Meridian Roadside Assist.

What are you covered for with Prime Meridian Roadside Assist?

24 hour nationwide roadside assistance

Driving a car is not always predictable. A car may suffer mechanical breakdown, leaving you stranded when you least expect it. If you have Prime Meridian Roadside Assist, you can simply call the insurance company and you will be assisted quickly and efficiently.

Minor dent and scratch protection

While most car insurance types offer cover for damage caused by third parties or the effects of extreme weather, what happens if you scratch your car as you drive out a mall or you get a small dent? With Prime Meridian Roadside you can get cover for these types of incidents.

Mechanical and electrical component warranty

Mechanical or electrical faults are covered by this type of insurance.

For Standard cover, you will pay R99-50 per month, while the Assist Lite service will cost you R49 per month. The Assist Plus product will set you back R165 per month.

What do you need to qualify for Prime Meridian Roadside Assist?

  • You must be a South African citizen or have a South African VISA
  • You need to provide information about your vehicle, such as the year, make and model. You will also have to provide Driver information, such as the dates of birth as well as the names of the drivers. Your banking details and valid ID number must also be provided.

To contact Prime Meridian Roadside Assist, call: 0861 782 876 or 0860 22 22 61

You can get an online quote by visiting their website here: www.primemeridian.co.za


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