Pros and cons of foreign aid

pros and cons of foreign aid

Many people argue that underdevelopment is a result of the long history of slave trade and the legacy of extractive colonial institutions that have siphoned Africa’s resources to Europe and America. These are some of the reasons brought forward by quite a number of scholars like Sambit Bhattacharyya who used historical factors to approach this subject. Worth noting is the fact that underdevelopment has caused poverty in Africa, such that the continent has found itself relying foreign aid from Europe and America.

Foreign aid is when privileged countries lend or give money, food, or other resources to benefit poor countries. It is in line with this transfer of resources that foreign aid has positively and negatively impacted the African continent.

This article will list down the pros and cons caused by foreign aid in Africa.


  • Desist people from hunger, most African countries have more people than they can feed
  • Increase industrialization in underdevelopment countries
  • Advances international relations
  • Foreign support usually comes with education, which helps to prevent people from AIDS and other social diseases


  • Foreign aid potentially undermines the independence of an economy
  • Foreign countries misuse foreign aid and plunder their natural resources
  • Foreign aid comes with economic and political conditions such that the lending country will not provide aid if its demands are not met
  • Most governments do not make great efforts to resolve social developments in poor countries

It is very important to note that international aid must have long-term effects in poor countries; it’s just a matter of time when developed countries will not manage to uphold the growing number of people in third world countries.

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