Tips On Protecting Your Android Phone From Viruses

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Our phones have become extensions of our personalities and very often it feels as if we can’t function without them. It becomes an inconvenience when they don’t function optimally.

It’s important to make sure that your phone is secure because chances are you store a lot of personal information on it. Unfortunately, in this day and age, smartphones can also be an easy target for criminals and viruses. As if that isn’t bad enough, viruses on smartphones can be hard to detect and Android phones are frequently targeted.’

What you can do to avoid viruses:

  • Stick to downloading apps only from the Google Play Store.
  • Watch out for app permissions.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Watch out for your Wi-Fi connections.
  • Always use VPN, which will protect the data transfer.
  • Disable notifications, which might contain sensitive information.
  • Install a security solution on your mobile device. Make sure it’s one that regularly scans your device for viruses and can also remove viruses.

How can you tell if your phone has a virus?

There are a number of simple tell-tale signs that your phone may have a virus. If it becomes slower or keeps freezing when you try to send messages or use the internet.

A battery that lasts for a shorter amount of time is also another sign that your phone may have a virus. If you notice that it doesn’t last as long as usual, this may be a sign that there is definitely something wrong.

When making calls and it cuts or you keep hearing weird noises or interruptions during calls, this may be indicative of a virus.

What to do if you suspect your Android phone has a virus:

Put the phone in safe mode to prevent any third-party apps from running while you sort things out.

Download an antivirus system that will scan and clear the virus.

Change your passwords on all your social media platforms.


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