PWC Bursary


Operating in 157 countries, PWC has offices in 30 countries throughout Africa. The company currently has 23 offices in South Africa. 

As a leading company, PWC offers opportunities for academic development to students in need of financial assistance.

The company understands the value of a good education as well as how it can impact a country’s economy positively. By providing financial assistance in the form of the PWC bursary, the company aims to contribute towards making it easier for individuals to prosper and make big strides economically.

Tell me more about the PWC bursary?

The value of the bursary will vary depending on evidence that you cannot afford the full costs. If awarded the PWC bursary, you will have to work on a training contract with the company when you complete your studies.

The bursary gives you peace of mind knowing that your studies are paid off while you focus on studying. Once you’ve completed your studies you also get hands-on experience. You get to develop your skills and gain work experience in the process.

The PWC Bursary if offered in the following fields of study:

  • BSc IT Computer Science
  • BSc IS Information Systems
  • BCom IT Informatics
  • Actuarial Science/ Mathematics
  • Engineering management
  • Accounting
  • Management

In order to potentially qualify for PWC bursaries, you must be enrolled for any of the above-mentioned degrees.

You also need to display academic excellence. PWC is looking for individuals who passed with a 70% average in their undergraduate degree. If you are a postgraduate student, you must have passed with a 60% average.

What qualities PWC is looking for in bursary candidates?

  • Good personal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Individuals who can take the initiative
  • Individuals with a strong personality
  • Applicants with good communication skills

PWC is an accredited Learning Provider through FASSET.

To apply for a PWC bursary, call: 011 797 4000


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