Quotes on Car Insurance Checklist


Check your average limits

When you are looking for car insurance you need to make sure that you check what kind of cover you will be able to afford. You need to check if the quote clarifies any limits on the type of coverage you have chosen.

Check your deductible beforehand

Before you get a car insurance quote, you need to decide on how much excess you are willing to pay. Paying a higher excess amount can work to your favour but this is something that you need to consider only if you can afford it. The quote amount you get should be clear about excess.

Check that the policies match-up

When you get a car insurance quote you are required to submit certain details about yourself. It follows then that if you compare with a different insurance company you should provide the same details. This way you will be provided with accurate quotes which you can compare.

Assess your coverage options thoroughly

Car insurance types that you can get in South Africa include Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft as well as Third Party Only.

Each insurance type has its advantages and disadvantages and the type of cover you get is dependent on a range of factors. When you get a quote you need to make sure that you fully understand the type of cover you have as well as any limitations it has.

Check for premiums and discounts

Not all discounts will be advertised so you need to check with the insurance provider. You need to ask if they offer specific types of discounts and how this will affect your premiums. By comparing premiums offered by different insurance providers you are able to see where you can save more.

Compare car insurance companies, not just quotes

Make sure that you only use the services of registered financial services providers.

Shop around

Take your time to shop around and compare various quotes.



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