RainFin loans online

RainFin loans online

From a business perspective, the invention of the internet has made life so much easier for business people and those who seek their services.
In this modern world, one does not need to visit the bank or any other financial institution to make a transfer or any other transaction that can be done through the internet. But rather use their mobile phones, laptops or any other electronic gadget that allows them to perform such a task as long as it is connected to the internet.

Aspects such as depositing money, replacing a lost bank card, opening a bank account and other things would require one to visit a bank otherwise the rest can be done online.
RainFin is one such financial institution in South Africa with such facility in place. The creditor is a community of people and businesses that invest in one another’s future. RainFin has an online marketplace which connects borrowers and lenders thus allowing for cheaper credit for borrowers and better returns for investors.

The kind of community initiated by RainFin widens to thousands of people and in that case money can easily and quickly move around friends and relative in a formal manner. Like Facebook and many other social networks, RainFin allows users to invite more users into its network.

Using RainFin comes with benefits, chief among them

  • Accrued lower interest rates and lenders have the possibility of investing in fixed return asset class.
  • Loan assessment in minutes
  • Free credit report and education
  • Paperless loan application

How to become part of the network

One has to register under the RainFin peer to peer traders list and that way they can get access to loans and credit.


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