RCS loans, a multi-faceted financial house

rcs loans

Microfinance and credit has for years been anchored around the principle that if financially handicapped people are given the necessary financial support and tools, they can rise and become productive contributors to the national economy. It is for this reason that Micro-credit all over the world has proven itself as a strong stimulant to economic development. One business house in South Africa playing a major role in this regard is RCS loans.

RCS is a South African consumer financial concern which offers customers a range of financial services. With a branch network that extends into Namibia and Botswana, this business house has committed itself to enhancing Peoples lifestyles and protect their financial security through accessible credit solutions.

The product bouquet provided by this highly esteemed financial house is driven to a large extent by cards and loans. The RCS card provides users with access to 19,500 stores.This card provides customers with a monthly statement for all purchases made and there is also death, disability and retrenchment cover.

The RCS loans provided have been designed to provide individuals and families with the much-needed financial support. These loans which are done through a paperless process with no queues and pre-qualification process which lasts seconds offer cash of up to R125,000.The approved amount is deposited into clients account within 24hrs with repayment periods running between 12 to 60 months.

RCS can be contacted through various online platforms.

rcs loans


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