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real people loans

Latest statistics in South Africa show that the country has a high home ownership rate of 62 percent which is higher than even developed countries like German and the United kingdom. Home ownership according to race is further broken down into 41 percent for blacks, 43 percent for whites, 9 percent for coloureds and Indians own 7 percent. These statistics provided a big opportunity for home improvement loans and Real People answered the call.

Real People Home Improvement Loan assists customers to build, renovate or improve homes. This loan enables customers to buy bricks and cement, roofing material, plumbing material, doors and window frames, fencing and burglar gates, paint, paving, etc. Real People has also developed partnerships with building supplies retail outlets such as Mica, Buco, Builders Warehouse, Build it etc, this means that if the loan is approved, money is paid directly to the store to pay for building or renovation materials or goods.

This home improvement loans offers amounts from a minimum of R1,000 to a maximum of R100,000  with repayment periods of up to 48 months. Customers enjoy a quick and easy application process and credit life insurance which covers you in case of death, disability or retrenchment.

To qualify for this credit, one needs to be permanently employed, self employed or employed under contract, earn a salary of at least R2,000 per month and have the salary electronically deposited into a bank account and the customer must be between the ages of 18 and 64 years old.

Loan calculator.

To apply for a Home Improvement Loan, SMS HOME to 44153.


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