Retail capital review – business cash advance


Business people are familiar with the frustration of running a business and not having enough capital to close a deal or even operate on a daily basis to reach your targets? The frustration of knowing that when you do X and Y you will get so much income but you can’t even do that X and Y because you don’t have the money to do it.

It’s a feeling of being stuck but remaining hopeful that something will give, something will happen. Well, sometimes hope is not a plan. However Retail Capital can be the plan if you find your business running low on capital. It offers you working capital when you need it. Launched in 2011, its founders understand the difficulties of running a business. If you experience a cash flow challenge in the next 12 months and feel that this will affect the way your business operates, possibly even missing out on lucrative opportunities – then Retail Capital will help you in making sure that you don’t ever miss out on another business opportunity.

Retail Capital understands the challenges faced by small businesses. After conducting national research, they came up with a product that assists small businesses in achieving their financial goals. How Retail Capital works is that they partner up with small businesses such as restaurants, retailers and beauty salons and provide them with accessible working capital that is flexible and convenient. There are no hidden costs involved. It takes 10 days from date of application to funding, if you are successful. This is a relatively short time compared to the 12 weeks that it takes banks to approve loan applications.

There is no collateral or security necessary to secure your funding. Your credit bureau assessment is based on your overall business health. In terms of repayment, this depends on the agreed percentage of your business turnover. There is also no restriction to how funds are used. Retail Capital – a much needed financial product for small businesses.
If you are a business owner and have been operating for six months visit or call 021 702 9900.



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