Retail Industry Jobs in SA


When it comes to retail jobs in South Africa, usually a basic requirement of only a matric certificate is required. And for most young people (workers under 25 years of age) their first job is likely to be in the retail industry.

And since groceries form part of our everyday living existence, whether you’re a cashier, shop assistant the retail industry is one of those jobs that’s very customer orientated. And thus it’s a speedily evolving industry. As employers are looking for candidates who will move the company forward and you too have an option to move forward with the company.

Just as with any company, you can start from being a sales assistant and work your way up to being a store manager. But standing behind a till is not the only type of job position within the retail industry. There are also those working behind the scenes so to speak of a Creditor’s Clerk, Stock Controller or Bookkeeper and so forth. And these are the type of jobs where unless the company is willing to train you. They usually require a little bit more experience and qualification within the specific job field/title.

And retail industry jobs are not only found in the clothing departments or your local grocery store. Petrol attendants who sell fuel and Petrol service sales assistants who sell other items to customers at garages and service stations. Are also part of the retail industry jobs, which don’t require any specific qualifications and deal in customer service skills.

A delivery person also falls under retail industry jobs and those people who work in motor vehicle retailing and services, such as a car sales dealer.

And if you look at any of the well-known job sites these include: JobVine, Indeed, Bizcommunity or Careers24 and many others. There are thousands of jobs listed under the retail industry. It’s just up to you to know what you qualify for and apply for the relevant job title.


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