RiCharge, providing gadget charging solutions

RiCharge - charging solutions

Technology has become an integral part of daily life. Over the years, It has fostered human ability and revolutionised how people work and think and given them access to the world. Courtesy of technological advancements like cellphones, communication is rapid, standard of life has increased and the world has become smaller. It is also a fact that gadgets like cellphones are constantly required to be charged to provide the required service. One business entity specialising in this kind of business is RiCharge.

Established in 2011, RiCharge is a South African business house which develops and provides solutions to assist people keep their smartphones charged.This service has been tailored with special focus on the hospitality, health and education sectors.

In order to achieve this,this technology firm launched the Super Station.The Super Station is a 12 tray charging station which allows users to charge their devices at a table. Each removable tray houses a battery and all the cables needed to charge any phone or tablet. At a cost effective price of R7,000, this facility is able to support devices manufactured after 2007.

Become an innovative technology house, RiCharge is also poised to launch the Solar Umbrella with built in battery to provide mobile charging on the beach or anywhere where the Super Station cant be used.

With RiCharge, the public can for once forget about cellphone charging glitches. Contact can be made on 0214249744.


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