Richest South African Rapper

Richest South African Rappers

Have you ever heard this line ‘there’s no money in the arts’? When you had expressed how you aspire to become an actress, singer, fashion designer, yes, you know those artsy’ careers along that path.

Next time you hear that line, simply state confidently that art can pay the bills as you’re about to be schooled and inspired on who the richest South African rapper is in the hip hop industry. Hip hop a music genre, which was not taken seriously in South Africa (SA).

But today it seems to be the new movement in S.A. You just have to look at the likes of rappers AKA, KO and Cassper Nyovest who’ve become household names whose songs constantly feature on SA’s playlist whether on television or on the radio.

And when it comes to making money endorsement deals, businesses outside the music industry, touring continentally and internationally may be just what’s raking in the money for the rappers in SA.

And according to SA’s Hip Hop magazine list for richest South African rapper sitting at number one is rap duo Die Antwoord. They’ve been in the rap game since 2009 are said to be racking in a net worth of 56 million and yearly revenue of 8 million. And how are they making their millions? Well the rap duo who’ve been making money off their music for a while now do so by headlining a lot of international tours in Europe and on different parts of the world.

And since Die Antwoord is a rap duo if we technically want to talk about the richest South African rapper that title is then followed by Cassper Nyovest according to SA hip hop list due to the rapper signing the biggest deal the South African music industry has ever seen with MTN. Also for this independent artist touring the continent and shows in Europe and his endorsement deals have proved lucrative. Although he’s a rapper who came late into the game, he made a huge impact in a short space of time.

Cassper also owns his own record label Family tree and makes a lot of money from events and his artists. He also has an energy drink, a clothing label line and investment in properties.





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