SA Institute for Entreprenuers


South Africa’s high unemployment rate has finally encouraged the government to turn to promoting youth entrepreneurship as a solution. Some of the steps that have been taken include promotion of tax subsidies and other initiative programs to help heighten the entrepreneurial spirit that seemed to be lacking in our youth.This spirit has also seen the rise of various institutions spearheading entrepreneurship efforts. All this points to the fact that having successful entrepreneurs and a sustainable entrepreneurial environment can not be done without the advice and mentorship of experts. One institution which is at the centre of these efforts is SA Institute for Entrepreneurs(SAIE).

SAIE helps to address poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurial focused initiatives.Established in 1996,this institution was born out of the recognition of the critical need for easily accessible business literacy training materials for both the small enterprise sector and for the schools.Its sector focus areas include Agriculture, Education, Enterprise Development and Information Technology.

Through its education intervention,SAIE has developed innovative,interactive and fully researched materials and provided teacher training.The goal behind this is to make every learner behave as entrepreneurs. When it comes to Agriculture,this noble body developed the AgriPlanner suite of programmes. With funding from Coronation Fund Managers,it has been able to develop materials,train trainers,farmers and learners and support and link emerging farmers to markets.

When it comes to Enterprise Development, SAIE has committed and engaged itself in unlocking and developing individual potential through mindset and skills development.The acquisition of information and communication technology skills is a vital ingredient in improving employability and building a knowledge based economy.In order to contribute in this regard, SAIE has established self sustaining information technology training centres which are each owned by an entrepreneur and managed through a franchise system.

South African Institute for Entreprenuers(SAIE) can be contacted on 0214472023.


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