SA Stock Brokers


Conventional financial theory suggests that investors are rational and seek to maximize their wealth through objective, non-emotional investment decisions. This implies that nobody invests with the goal of losing money. Research has also shown that investing your own money is a very difficult thing to do.One institution providing a safe investment platform in South Africa is the SA Stock Brokers.

The SA Stock Brokers Capital Tax-free Savings and Investment Account has been established in order to encourage individuals to save by offering them market exposure through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) combined with very favourable cost benefits.This business concern takes the approach of creating a diversified ETF portfolio which is listed on the JSE. The ETFs will be purchased on a quarterly basis.The TFSA portfolio comes with numerous tax benefits and investors are exempt from paying Capital Gains Tax, Interest Income Tax and Dividend Tax.

This investment offers individuals 2 fixed options via a mandatory debit order.These options are the monthly investment of R2,500 or an annual deposit of R30,000. Investors may only contribute up to R 30 000 per year, and up to R 500 000 for the lifetime of the investment. The funds are easily accessible and the investment is liquid, however if funds are withdrawn, a period of a year must lapse before the investors may add funds back in and qualify for similar benefits afforded to them at the onset of the investment. Any amounts exceeding the annual limit will be taxed at 40%.

To invest, contact can be made on 0112147250.


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