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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has recently introduced new mobile phone models to their Galaxy range. The Standard S7 and the S7 Edge look almost identical but have slightly different features. 

Samsung have realised that they have a winning formula in the smartphone category. The company essentially took what was good in the S6, refined it and they produced something much better. With the 5.1 inch display, quad HD and metal and glass finish, the overall shape and design has not changed much. The S7 Edge differs, however, by stepping up to a phablet class with the 5.5 inch screen.

Slightly thicker than the S6, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a curved glass back. The curved sides also make the phone much narrower and easier to manage.

Both water-resistant, the S7 models also have much larger batteries, which means that battery life has improved immensely.

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system ensures that the S7 has no trouble with multi-tasking, such as gaming playing video. It’s a fast and responsive phone with 4GB of RAM.

The phones also have support for fast charging as well as fast wireless charging.

Due to popular demand from customers, a MicroSD card support slot has been added for up to 200GB.

One of the most popular features of smartphones nowadays is the camera. The larger pixels and brighter lens are complemented by dual- pixel autofocus technology as well as better speed in launching. The optical image stabilisation ensures sharper and more detailed images quality.

If you enjoy recording video on your mobile phone, you will be excited to know the Samsung Galaxy S7 records in 4K video.

A new feature is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has an always-on display mode, which can show time, the date, battery life, an image or a calendar at all times, without having to wake the phone up.



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