Samsung’s New Bendable Batteries for Smart Devices

Samsung bendable battery

Samsung has recently unveiled a brand new line of battery prototypes, which will help power wearable smart devices for longer.

According to a report by Engadget, Samsung calls their battery model Band, and this can be attached to a smartwatch strap to provide as much as 50 percent more battery life. It is reported to have withstood more than 50,000 bendings, making it quite durable and ideal for smart watches.

There is also another model called Stripe, which is a thin and pliant strip measuring 0.3mm in depth. The battery is quite durable too, as it has a fibre composition and more durability than existing bendable cells.

Samsung said Stripe has a higher energy density than current comparable batteries, and speculation is that the bendy battery could be used to power necklaces, headbands, and dynamic clothing designs.


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