Sanlam iTrade


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is the largest stock exchange in Africa. With an estimated 472 listed companies and a market capitalisation of US$182.6 billion, this market is a hive of activity. One business concern which features prominently on this stock exchange is Sanlam iTrade.

Sanlam iTrade is the online trading platform of Sanlam Private Investments, so advanced in its design and user compatibility, so liberating in its spread of options, that it offers everything you need and more to make successful investment decisions, pro-actively manage your portfolio and trade on the JSE at competitive costs. Sanlam iTrade is your license to trade on the JSE as if you were right there on the trading floor. Real-time live prices are provided with market depth and the five best bid and offer prices plus volumes. Buying and selling orders are processed through the JSE in seconds with Direct Market Access. Immediate trade confirmations are sent via e-mail and SMS. You can also protect your portfolio from sharp price movements by placing stop-loss orders.

Sanlam iTrade is also a powerful research tool providing information on the SA economy, the impact of the international economy, JSE-listed companies as well as technical analysis on markets and shares. For every share, you get more than 10 years of financial statements and a news archive. Apart from statutory company information and dividend info, Sanlam iTrade makes performance and trading statistics available. Model portfolios for different risk categories are continuously managed and updated.

This business concern can be contacted on 0219502091 and trained consultants will be at hand to assist.


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