Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries

Further education has been proven to be one of the easiest ways to improve economic standing and to also achieve personal development in the process. 

All over the world, individuals strive to further their education while also improving their financial prospects.

There is no denying that tertiary education is extremely expensive and more people are struggling to afford paying for it.

While some people resort to loans in order to afford paying for their studies, some people opt for bursaries. They may be helpful for helping individuals afford postgraduate studies, which are often quite expensive.

Bursaries are often ideal solutions for financially needy individuals, giving them a simple way to access the education they need. While scholarships are usually required to be repaid, bursaries are free. Some of the companies that offer bursaries require recipients to repay the bursaries by working for them for a period of time upon completing their studies.

Tell me about the Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries?

Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries are awarded for full-time University study. Fields of study include Science and Engineering at Masters or PhD degree level.

Students should formulate a research project proposal and include a summary of their proposed project on their application.

Projects which incorporate a multidisciplinary approach are encouraged.

What Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries cover:

  • All prescribed University tuition, registration and exam fees
  • Accommodation and meal fees as prescribed by the University and Sasol
  • R8000 per year for books and pocket money

Before you apply for Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries you should ensure that you have all your documents ready. You should have your academic transcripts on hand, as well as your ID and proof of registration.

For more information about how to apply for Sasol Postgraduate Bursaries, call: 086 010 6235. You can also send an email to:



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