Investment can be defined as time, energy or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualised within a specified date or time frame. Investing in many ways is a safety vehicle for individuals,families and organisations.This is because investment involve some form of risk such as investment in equities, property and even fixed interest securities which are subject among other things to inflation risk. It is however important to note that the journey of investments is even better run with experts by your side. One business organisation that has dedicated itself in this regard is Satrix.

Satrix is a leading provider of passive investment products in South Africa,with more than R50 billion in assets under management invested in its wide range of retail and institutional offerings. Satrix manages index tracking portfolios for its segregated mandates, Exchange Traded Funds and Unit Trusts. Satrix provides a full ray of traditional and smart index products while simultaneously providing investors with the reassurance and backing of being part of a larger financial services group that has looked after the financial futures of many SA investors for more than 95 years.

Satrix is uniquely positioned to provide all services associated with passive investment,including fund administration, support and the investment management of a comprehensive range of ETF and Unit Trust Funds.This firm also offers retail investors listed ETFs,Unit Trust funds and soon to be launched Retirement Annuity product, while institutional investors can access the same underlying products via segregated portfolios. Satrix product range includes traditional market cap-weighted indices,style and theme based smart indices, as well as sector specific funds.

Satrix can be contacted on 0100202250.


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