Save With Workplace Banking for Business with Capitec

Capitec for Business

Workplace banking for business with Capitec is an efficient system designed for employees who can’t get to the bank during working hours without taking time off work.

For many employees, having to take time off to do banking can become a hassle. Not only can it become time-consuming, but it may also mean that individuals lose out on working days. For employers this can become burdensome.

Fortunately banking institutions in South Africa have come up with an innovative solution to this problem – in the form of workplace banking for business.

More about Workplace Banking for business with Capitec

With this service, a dedicated workplace banking consultant is assigned. The consultant will give the necessary guidance on products and services to help your employees manage their finances effectively.

These consultants can help to engage employees on wealth creation as well as different wealth preservation options.

Benefits offered by this solution

The service is free of charge and can be provided onsite at your workplace. Employees won’t have to spend hours waiting in lengthy bank queues or have to put in for a days’ leave in order to take care of their banking needs.

You can choose a time that suits you the best. Workplace banking for business with Capitec can be structured to suit your business needs. So you can schedule a time and date that best suits your working needs.

It may help to reduce employee absenteeism and improves employee productivity.

The consultant may help employees manage their finances better. By guiding employees and giving them dedicated banking solutions, consultants may help employees with any financial challenges they may be facing. They may also provide a convenient advisory service.

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