Short And Long Term Financing From ARCCT Loans


Available nationwide, ARCCT Loans are disbursed with the main intent to focus on providing people with bad credit with access to finance. For many individuals with bad credit, getting access to loans can be a hassle.  

Some of the most common reasons for being turned down for finance include: 

  • Having an unestablished credit record 
  • Having a fair to poor credit score 
  • Having no substantial collateral 
  • Making too many late payments 

ARCCT Loans understands the tough situations faced by many people, which may lead to bad credit. This is why the institution offers simple loan solutions.  

When applying for bad credit loans it always helps to provide the necessary documentation as efficiently as possible, so that you can gain access to funds faster. 

You need to be prepared to be charged a higher interest rate, because you’re considered a high-risk individual. This interest rate will also be determined by your affordability assessment. 

How the application process works with ARCCT Loans: 

There are no upfront fees charged for services and applicants can expect a same day pay-out if the documentation is correct. 

No co-signer is required for the loan application and there are no restrictions on how to use the loan. If you get access to short term finance, you can use the loan for paying off short-term needs like rent. Long term financing may be ideal for paying for longer term needs, such as paying for a deposit on a house. 

To qualify for bad credit loans in South Africa, you generally need to be in permanent employment for at least 6 consecutive months and you need to prove affordability. 

Lenders want to see that you are in reliable employment and will be able to afford repayments comfortably. In this case, your affordability is more important than your creditworthiness. 

You can apply online by visiting the ARCCT Loans website.  

For more information, visit


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