Simple Ways of Getting the Best Auto Insurance


Consider the value of your car

This can be an important factor when deciding on what type of insurance to get. If you have a car of low worth it may not be ideal for you to get comprehensive auto insurance cover. If you have a classic or high performance vehicle, you should get insurance from specialists who understand the risks involved.

You’ll need to consider general maintenance costs associated with the type of vehicle you have. Alos keep in mind that if your car has been modified, your insurance will be more expensive.

You need to know what type of insurance cover will best suit your needs. Do your research about the various auto insurance types, namely:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft cover
  • Third Party only cover

Age is a factor

Young drivers are often penalised for their inexperience as well as the increased risk that they present. In some cases, older drivers, may also have to pay more if they are considered to be a greater risk.

Keep in mind that age is a factor when aiming to get the best auto insurance.

Multi-line policies

You could save significantly by combining your car and home insurance. By bundling your car and home insurance, you could save considerably and also benefit from one policy to maintain and keep track of.

Research the insurance company

Make sure that the insurance company is financially stable and will be able to pay out in the event of a claim.


One of the easiest ways to benefit from the best auto insurance is to ask about discounts. Many insurers offer no-claims discounts, in addition to other discounts such as for enhanced security features.

Insurers also recognise that the fewer claims you’ve made in the past, the less likely you are to make them in future.


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