Sites where you can find Pokémon TCG Codes


The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been around as long as the video games. Since making its debut in the 1990s, millions of fans have spent hours trying to build the ultimate deck.

The game can now be downloaded and played on PCs, iOS and Android devices, making it more accessible to millions of fans worldwide.

Pokémon TCG codes can be handy for building the best deck.

What are Pokémon TCG codes?

As a Pokémon trainer, if you want to improve your game play, there are free Pokémon TCG codes that you can use through the code generator.

There are also premium codes that are also free of charge. This is made possible through a Code Generator.

Types of free Pokémon TCG codes you can use, include:

  • Free Packs
  • Free Rally deck
  • Free Theme
  • Unlock Blue Assault

In order to be able to use the Pokémon TCG codes, you need to go online and register them. You can then redeem your codes in the “Redeem” section of the store. An option is also available for you to scan however many codes you want.

When looking for Pokémon TCG codes, the trick to prevent wasting your time from coded that don’t work is to take time to search first. You should do research about the codes that offer the best results through reviews.

Sites where you can find Pokémon TCG codes include YouTube and Reddit.


YouTube can be ideal if you know who to subscribe to and what search terms to use.


By logging onto you can get access to numerous posts with free codes that are constantly being added and updated by users 24/7.

You can also scour the net for various forums where Pokémon lovers share their codes.


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