Smart Card SA, It’s Out With The Old and in With The New


The lives and times of the South African identity document (ID) is that the green bar coded ID is slowly going, going, gone. Identification has become smarter with the Smart ID Card.

When South Africans lined up in their millions to vote during the first democratic election in 1994, they all carried with them an ID, to verify who they were.  For most it was a green barcoded ID.

Fast forward to today where the voter registration drive to the upcoming local government 2016 municipal elections has happened and of those registered to vote some might have done so with their Smart ID card.

The smart ID card is a significant leap from its predecessor as it uses sophisticated and secure technology systems to manage identity in South Africa. The information on the chip is laser-engraved to prevent tampering.  As the result of the cut down on identity theft a white collar crime rife in the country.

The benefit of Smart ID Card is the increased security to individuals against their identity being used for fraudulent activities, as many people use identities of others.

In order to obtain employment, claim grants, get credit, apply for a loan or access your bank account one has to present an identification document (ID). And the purpose of identity theft is predominantly to access resources or to obtain credit or other benefits in the victim’s name.

The Smart ID card is durable, the photo can’t be changed and the card has a chip and in that chip is your biometric data

You can get your Smart ID at the Department of Home Affairs or soon enough at Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank and Absa.


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