Smart Finance, solving pecuniary matters


Finance has been identified in various research methods conducted to be an obstacle with regards to business organisations achieving their aims. Around a third of high growth firms said obtaining finance especially for asset is a significant obstacle. Bank lending is the source of finance for the majority of companies and the coming on the scene of other corporate credit houses is giving hope to many. One of these in question is Smart Finance.

Smart Finance was established in 1998 with a vision of being a specialist in asset financing. This vision has been attained by a combination of youthful energy and initiative, coupled with old fashioned values as well as solid business knowledge.This business house has established a reputation for service excellence by providing innovative products.

Smart Finance credit is tailored for office automation assets such as air conditioners, audio visual equipment, automatic teller machines, computer hardware and software, fuel control system, medical equipment, signage, tracking devices, catering equipment, cleaning equipment, green keeping equipment, industrial equipment, wellness industry, etc.

For finance to be made available through rentals as defined by the eligible lease portfolio criteria, suppliers need to be approved and annually reviewed for the approval to be valid, all deals are subject to credit approval and certain asset types may be subject to specific business rules as defined by credit.

Smart Finance can be contacted on 0219792640 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.


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