SmartRand by Galileo Capital


Galileo Capital is a Registered Financial Services Provider(FSP),approved and regulated by the Financial Services Board(FSB).The Galileo team consists of highly motivated and qualified professionals with more than 90 years of combined experience in the financial services industry.By pooling skills,knowledge and experience together,Galileo is able to provide superior products and services to clients.

With a business footprint that covers Johannesburg and Cape Town,Galileo believes in giving clients a hands on, personalised service.Its service bouquet is divided into different divisions such as Wealth Management,Portfolio Management, Wealth Accumulation,Short term Insurance as well as Tax and Trust Advisory Services. Arising out of a deep desire to service the masses, Galileo introduced the SmartRand.

SmartRand is an online investment advice service powered by Galileo Capital.This firm uses state of the art technology,coupled with proven investment advice principles to provide you with individual investment advice online.The end result of the SmartRand process is the recommendation of a specific investment fund ideally suited to your financial needs and risk profile.

You can therefore count on Galileo Capital for advice process which is online and interactive,investment advice based on your risk profile and unique financial needs,completing the process at your own pace in your own environment and lowest costs in the market.

Galileo Capital can be contacted through various online platforms.


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