SMC Loans – Giving you Financial Freedom


SMC Financial Services is an institution that has a goal of providing individuals with services that help them take the first steps toward financial freedom. Having access to credit is a useful way of paying for costs that may arise suddenly mid-month or for paying for big ticket items or tertiary education costs. The South African market is filled with numerous financial institutions which offer credit at varying rates. SMC Financial Services is a financial institution that offers loan solutions at competitive rates. Personal and consolidation loans are offered to clients with reasonable repayment terms. 

Personal Loans:

Designed to assist individuals with getting through financially challenging times, this product from SMC offers clients loans of between R500 and R180 000. An added benefit is that SMC Financial Services provides finance to blacklisted individuals too. If you are 18 years or older and permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months; you may qualify. You’ll also need to earn a minimum of R2000 per month and provide proof of possession of a bank account, as well as you I.D. If you qualify, you’ll have between one and 48 months to repay the loan.

Consolidation Loans:

This solution is designed to assist individuals with multiple debts, who want to improve their credit rating by combining all their debt into a single payment. Self-employed and full-time employed individuals are catered to through this solution. If you need to consolidate debts of more than R10 000, you may qualify for an SMC consolidation loan.

How to apply:

Simply fill in an online application form or contact SMC and a friendly and professional agent will assist. SMC branches are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Free State.

Call: 021 557 0394.


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