SnapScan Bluetooth Beacon Technology

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Technological developments have generally been always set up to open new possibilities in different spheres of life. Business merchants have also not been left out of this progressive development.This is because having a stable, flexible and agile technology solution is fundamental to any customer management operation. One technological development which is a perfect fit for merchants is bluetooth beacon technology.

Bluetooth beacon technology is a brainchild of SnapScan which is a South African company specialising in QR code scanning.This firm has decided to roll out this beacon based in store mobile payments system at more than 40 merchant spaces in Johannesburg and Cape Town.Through this technology, customers can pay at merchants via Bluetooth instead of scanning a code.

The SnapBeacon feature sends a ‘PayHere” button to the customers phone when they are in close proximity of the stores beacon after which customers can simply tap the icon on their smartphones to initiate payments through Bluetooth.This payment channel is only available if it’s initiated by the customer.The SnapBeacon feature will be compatible with the iPhone 4S version and above as well as smartphones running Android 4.3 and above.

SnapScan is certainly bound to make payments faster, simpler and safer. SnapScan can be contacted through various online platforms.


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