Softstart, business and technology incubator


Getting the necessary business support and mentorship forms part of a strong foundation to building a strong business organisation especially at a small-scale level. One of the organisations who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that businesses are given support is SoftStart which is a business and technology incubator.

Softstart BTI was set up in 2005 with the prime objective of providing guidance to technology entrepreneurs and nurture the concepts and development of technology driven SMME’s which ultimately helps them to survive and grow during the start-up period.The overall mission of Softstart  is to be leaders in business and technology incubation, providing the best support , solutions and services that enable small enterprises to excel through partnerships. Softstart services are broken down into marketing, finance, networking, education, legal and technology.

Apart from providing the business foundation basic, this firm assists with marketing knowledge and provides the input to make sure marketing is aimed at the right target audience. Assistance is also provided with regards to access to getting a bank loan or the necessary investment needed to get your business going. With marketing and finance comes the provision of contacts to network your business and to set up strategic partnerships. Educating entrepreneurs also forms part of the package, this is done by the provision of necessary education resources like comprehensive business training programs. Operating a legally compliant business entity is essential, it is for this reason that Softstart is able to assist with the legal challenges of your business and supply support with intellectual property management and regulatory compliance.The technology aspect of things will also be taken care of with advise on the right technology direction and which trends to stay abreast of.

Softstart is indeed a business development pillar in South Africa. Softstart can be contacted on 0116954800.


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