Some Pokémon Music Remix Downloads to Enjoy


20 years since it first launched, the Pokémon resurgence is in full force. Pokémon fans are still enjoying choosing starters, collecting cards and badges, battling teams and catching them all.

Along with the collectible cards, coins, the commercially successful animated TV series and movies, Pokémon music also had a relatively successful impact on the market. Pokémon games are full of iconic music.

In fact, as a way of commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the release of Pokémon, earlier in 2016, Jason Paige, who sang the TV series theme song, re-recorded the song.

With the recent release of Pokémon Go (which is officially most successful mobile in US history) there has been a spike in popularity of all things Pokémon.

There are even some Pokémon music remix downloads available.

One of the most remixed songs of all PokeTunes is “Let’s Go to Lavender Town”. Pokémon trainers can listen to the dubstep remix by 23 online.

Another popular remix is the Pokémon Cycling Music Remix. Grimecraft produced an EDM remix- an entertaining take on the original song. The song was originally released in 2013 as part of POKEP, a concert album mixtape.

The song is available for free download from Grimecraft’s Bandcamp.

As PokemonGo surges in popularity all over world, musicians and fans of the game are also creating unforgettable soundtracks to enhance the playing experience for trainers. The augmented reality game has millions of gamers glued to their smart devices as they try to “catch them all”.

In recent news, Welsh musician Akira The Don created a remix of The Pokémon Go Theme Music, which he has described as “super wavy”. The Los Angeles-based rapper, DJ and producer’s remix has become somewhat of an international cult hit, with 30 000 on Soundcloud.


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