Someone has already Become the Pokémon Go Master!


Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon since it first launched in Australia and New Zealand before becoming available in the U.S. to then being expanded to Europe and Germany.

And while you try to figure out how to download the digital sensation in South Africa and also wait on its official release date to be announced. A guy named Nick Johnson from North America has already become the Pokémon Go master, imagine that!

Johnson has within two weeks captured all 142 Pokémon available in Pokémon Go. And well to be fair. Johnson has had a lot of practice with the Pokémon game having caught them all as a kid when the original Pokémon games came out.

Today this has further helped him flex his Pokémon Go muscle and be able to explore the real world through the game. And explore he did as Johnson combined a 50 hour week with six-to-10 hour nightly sessions that saw him roaming the city until 4 or 5 a.m. Then he’d get up, go to work, and hit the Pokémon grind once more.

Talk about dedication to a game or is it a passion, a hobby or maybe some sort of addiction. None the less he has reaped the rewards of his obsession. As when completing his quest in Central Park he was surrounded by a group of friends that he had made playing the game over the last few weeks.

He also lost 8-10 pounds. And will also soon complete catch ‘em all around the world, as Marriott Rewards will be partnering with him to aid him on his journey.

Johnson said in a recent article featured in ‘’ that his favorite Pokémon to catch was Snorlax. “I hatched a Snorlax from a 10k egg,” Johnson said via email. “I nicknamed it after one of my dogs, nicknamed Marshmallow because he’s a big fluff ball.”


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