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The South African online shopper market repels rather than attracts.

Even though online shopping can save you a lot of costs such as your time, fuel and parking fees most tech savvy young adults still prefer buying at a retailer that has a physical presence over adding items to a digital cart through online shopping.

That means online retailers need to go the extra mile to entice online shoppers. And one way to do this is tackle payment for buying goods online. As when it comes to payments, many consumers are reluctant to buy goods online using their credit cards. And choosing your online payment gateway for your ecommerce store is important. As it provides the features and security that will ensure that users can easily and securely transact with your store.

In South Africa (SA) there are a number of payment gateway e-commerce application service providers. That authorises credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar with no need to enter credit card details the process is simplified and more secure.

Once you have registered and linked a credit or debit card or your bank account, you no longer have to input your payment details for every transaction. You simply use your email address and password and the payment is carried out in seconds.

PayPal is one of the leading global payment services that has partnered with FNB to easily allow withdrawing or payments using their bank accounts, and also for non-FNB customers via the FNB Withdraw service.

The options available for online payments via PayPal include the PayPal express checkout for PayPal customers and the PayPal standard checkout which authorises payments and return the user their website. You can also hold funds in your PayPal account, receive refunds from merchants, and send funds between PayPal accounts.

There’s also the instant EFT payment of PayFast used by the largest online retailer in SA, Takalot. While household name local online retailer Kalahari uses PayU for payments. Naspers-owned PayU is also offered by DStv’s Home Box Office and Pick n Pay, and you can use it to buy airtime and electricity online.

And there’s also SnapScan a handy payment app, that enables customers to scan a QR-code that’s unique to the order to be snapped with the app to facilitate payment.


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