South Africa’s Auto Insurance Companies and their Ads


Insurance isn’t usually something that people look forward to getting. And once they do have it, there’s always the hope that you’ll never really need it. And even when it comes to South African insurance ads no one really looks forward to them as they’re usually one sided platform for insurance companies to brag about their products and services.

Santam Insurance, which also provides car insurance has been receiving applause from various media for its recent ad titled ‘one-of-a-kind insurance for one-of-a-kind country’. For the different angle that it took for its ad rather than the usual formula used by South African auto insurance companies of why insurance is necessary.

The ad has been noted for explaining Santam Insurance value without mentioning its services. Through the ads narrative that follows a well scripted story of everyday normality’s in SA of car guards. Reminding South Africans about the unique even quirky aspects of their country and in turn helping to promote a sense of national pride.

However on the flipside the ad was also part of the campaigns that caused a stink. As it was criticised for its ad in the scene that features people from different countries relaying their South African experiences. Where one friend tells another “They’ve got these things; car guards … watch your car … ” resulted in complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa. The reference to car guards as “things” was deemed disrespectful.

How other auto insurance companies deliver strategic messages about value and products to their markets as sourced from the Springleap trend, insight and influence platform.

OUTsurance plays on light humour. Detailing their products in the literal sense and communicating the importance of financial security. This is done by highlighting pricing structures and the value of different premiums that appeal to a variety of markets.

While Miway, a brand known for its competitive car insurance premiums, uses a well-known stand-up comic to strategically amplify their identity. Local legend Mpho “Popps” Modikoane helps to leverage a relevant appeal to consumers in a recent advert of theirs.


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