Spartan technology rentals and finance

Spartan technology rentals

Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use,create,manage and exchange information.The development of high technology including internet has helped conquer communication barriers and bridge the gap between people all over the world. It is this critical role that technology plays in the world that led to the establishment of Spartan.

Spartan is a finance company which directly funds all the technology hardware and software needs of business organisations. This firm specialises in information technology rental and 100% software finance for the small and medium market. Spartan achieves its goals by providing finance options such as buy and rent back, software financing, long-term IT rental, refurbished rental and trade in 2nd hand IT.

Buy and rent back implies that Spartan will buy your recent IT purchases from you based on your regret to spend and rent the equipment on a predictable fixed monthly basis. Software finance is the new way to acquire all the software that your business needs without the heavy upfront costs, it’s easily affordable and paid through predictable monthly instalments. Long term IT rental enables you to rent all your IT equipment such as laptops, computers, servers etc instead of buying, this is over a one to three-year term. Refurbished rental is designed for start-ups and micros who are not in a position to acquire new assets or simply feel they don’t need them, a client can choose¬†between a 12 or 24 month solution which includes everything from IT hardware to insurance and loan units.Trade in 2nd hand IT allows you to trade in your old IT equipment for cash.

Spartan is truly a reliable IT equipment financier. Contact can be made on 0118860922.


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