Spottm, a united voice of change


Crime and neighborhood safety is a prominent issue in South Africa with current statistics showing that home invasion robberies, rape, burglaries, carjackings, street muggings, smash and grabs, organised attacks on commercial and retail centers, ATM bombings and attacks on cash in transit vehicles being a major concern. Research and statistics have also shown that organised and close-knit communities record less crime incidences and those that occur are promptly exposed. One technology platform helping in this area is Spottm.

Spottm is a private social platform that seeks to counter criminal activities in communities.This is done by creating a social networking platform that will enable individuals, neighbours and neighbourhoods to connect in a transparent, safe and secure environment.

This platform allows users to report crime incidents to neighbours, stay connected to the local neighbourhood, watch or create an online neighbourhood watch if one doesn’t exist in the local area, organise, post and invite neighbours to events, you can also post an image of lost pets as well as give away and sell goods which are not needed.

The safety and privacy of users on this platform is of paramount importance. Every neighbour is therefore required to verify address, every neighbour signs in with their real name, not alias, pseudonym and you can only join as an individual not as a couple, family or organisation. Information shared through this facility is not shown on Google or even shared with advertisers.

Spottm can be contacted on their various online platforms.


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