Spring lab, a Joint Venture partner


Spring lab is an incubator business model in South Africa which is focused on being a venture builder and business development partner for Sub-Saharan Africa. With a unique specialisation in technology, this firm builds lean start-ups that solve real world inefficiencies. The success of this model is anchored on pillars of incubation, partnership, investment, market entry, business and product development as well as other core functions.

As an incubator, the core functions of this entity remain marketing, software development and administrative functions so that entrepreneurs can focus on executing business ideas. The business operation is done by Spring lab initially being on the look out for people with unique assets and resources. By being a partner in a joint venture, Spring lab then supplies seed capital and resources to qualifying start-ups. These resources are coupled with market entry expertise such as preparation, planning and experienced execution. Business and product development is done by using the sales team and the organisations extensive network to build strategic partnerships and tie it to the development of user-friendly products with cutting edge technology. For those entrepreneurs in need of building space, ventures are allowed to use state of the art offices based in Cape Town.

With Spring lab, the future of information technology in South Africa and beyond is safe and secure. This firm can be contacted on 0214480496.


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