Standard Bank Personal Loans for Blacklisted Individuals


If you are looking for a loan, a Standard Bank personal loan may just be the perfect solution. Although there is no Standard Bank personal loans for blacklisted individuals, you can take out a loan of up to R300,000 if you qualify. How do you qualify, and why choose a Standard Bank Personal Loan?

  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Budget more effectively with fixed monthly repayments
  • Funds are paid straight into your current account
  • No early termination fees
  • Chance to increase rewards tier as a UCount member

If you need money to cover an unexpected expense, to consolidate debt or to assist with a planned occasion then a personal loan has its benefits. Unlike a credit card, applying for personal finance comes with competitive interest rates, and will save you a lot of money in the long term. If you’re approved, your money will be instantly transferred into your account. Now what? Sure, you’ve committed to a fixed monthly repayment and you have Credit Life Insurance should you be retrenched, disabled or in the event of death. But how can you effectively manage your personal loan?

Assess your financial position

Create a list of all your debt obligations and monthly expenditure. Is there enough money to cover your monthly repayments and maintain your lifestyle? If the answer is no, you may need to reassess your spending habits, and make changes where required.

Make financial resolutions

Not everyone is a financial planner. If, by the first of each month, you’re left wondering where your salary went then its time to get a grip on your finances. Start thinking with a frugal mind and make saving a habit. Set yourself goals to pay off debt by a certain date.


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